Innehåll: Sonata in A minor, JS 177 ; Andante grazioso in D major, JS 35 ; Sonata [movement] in D major ; [Moderato] - Presto - [Tempo I] in A minor, JS 7 


II Adagio – Tempo d'Andante – Allegro vivace II Romanze: Andante con moto. III Allegro con II Andante scherzoso, piu allegretto. III Allegro 

4. Allegro vivace - piu vivace . 5. Andante Cantabile . 6-14.

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Engslsk översättning av (Tempo) allegretto. Allegretto. . = 138. Sjöjungfruarnas och de unga trollens dans.

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Allegretto - From the Italian for "pretty happy," it is the first tempo on the metronome that can be considered "fast," but not too fast of course. On metronomes, Allegretto can range between 104 and 132 bpm.

NO_. IS. -. PP. 10 .

Allegretto tempo

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som sjunges eller spelas i detta tempo , Man har äfven diminutivet Allegretto . BPM of Allegretto: 100-128 beats per minute; faster than andante, but slower than allegro. See allegretto appassionato and allegrissimo. This framework suggests that as neural oscillations, specifically in the theta range, vary their tempo from a slowed almost adagio tempo during interictal periods to faster, more rhythmic allegretto tempo preictally, they impact the function of interneurons, modulating their ability to control seizures and their role in cognitive processing. These four tempo marks are a great start for a beginners to music reading. Allegro, allegretto, moderato & andante first appear on page 29 of Thinking Theor Allegretto The second movement in A minor has a tempo marking of Allegretto ("a little lively"), making it slow only in comparison to the other three movements. This movement was encored at the premiere and has remained popular since.


Allegretto. Sonat f-moll op.

Andante. återgå till originaltempo. A Tempo.

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allegretto. allegreʹtto (italienska, diminutivform av allegro), musikalisk tempobeteckning: måttligt hastigt (mellan andante (11 av 17 ord)

Allegro. långsamt tempo. Andante.

Engelska författare 1800-talet
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Tempo (av italienska tempo, 'tid', 'hastighet', av latinets tempus, 'tid') är en av de Moderato – måttligt fort; Allegretto – något lugnare än allegro; Allegro – glatt, 

1. Allegro moderato (Live) Play 44. 2. Adagio (Sehr feierlich und sehr langsam) (Live Allegretto (Tempo di polacca) Ignaz Moscheles Piano Concerto No. 3, in G minor (Op.60) 4. 1.